Preliminary investigation deaf-blind app

Preliminary investigation deaf-blind app

In 2019, the book “The Tactile Dictionary” was released. This book aims to help parents, family and caregivers of deafblind people to communicate with them. The book describes various forms of tactile gestures for the deafblind language of the Middle East. Now the ambitions for a deafblind app are growing.

Increasingly more people are using a smartphone in both the Western world and the Middle East. Compared to a book, a smartphone offers many extra possibilities to consult information, and also is it a device that is almost always within reach. That is why The Carpenter’s Son foundation has chosen to support the development of a deafblind dictionary in app form.

The Carpenter’s Son Board member Ronald de Leeuw van Weenen has the responsibility to supervise the technological projects and explains the approach chosen for this project:

“The starting point for the app development is the material available in the tactile dictionary, supplemented with extra material where possible. In order for such an app to be a success, a thorough preliminary investigation is required into possible use of the app. We want to do this preliminary research in 2020.”

During the preliminary investigation, existing apps for the deafblind are examined, contact is made with potential users of the app, and the requirements are determined.

Ronald: “For sure, further development is influenced by the worldwide corona crisis. Fortunately, many preparations can be made by online collaboration. I hope that our preliminary research shows the need for such an app. Only then will we take further steps to actually develop the app.”

Financial support
Both the preliminary research and the development require financial resources. You can help the foundation with one-off or periodic donations. If you want to contribute to the project, please transfer your donation to account number NL91 ABNA 0846 807 564 in the name of The Carpenter’s Son Foundation.