The board consists of five people who voluntarily represent the foundation: 

René Kolsters

“The book ‘God’s Sign Language’ is, as far as I’m concerned, the starting point from which inspiring knowledge can be shared. This will lead to the help that is offered in the end.”

Nellie Vermij
Phone number: 06 22104502

Andre Vellekoop

“People are unique. When they are impaired to do something, people are seen as “defected” or needy. Brother Andrew brings an inspiring message with a vision that I support. Peope are not defected. Looking at the properties that make people unique, can bring people together. That’s what Brother Andrew wants to do and I want to support that.”

General member – enterprises and projects
Ronald de Leeuw van Weenen

“I’m convinced that technology can help visually or audibly impaired people to have a better life..”

General member – Communication and fundraising 
Tom Kolsters

“Brother Andrew’s vision and work changes the lives of people. I like to contribute to that by making people enthusiastic for his work. “

broeder andrew

The Carpenter’s Son Foundation was mainly established to make the ideas of Brother Andrew  available to a wider audience