Availability of Jordan Sign Language Interpreters

In Jordan there are Jordanian Sign Language interpreters available. And it is possible to learn the Sign Language, but as a Deaf person it is difficult to get an interpreter. There are simply not enough interpreters for everyone who needs it. The level is also often insufficient to be able to be represented properly in a lawsuit, for example.


As The Carpenter’s Son Foundation, we want to contribute to the improvement of the sign language interpreter level together with our network. We want to set up and support various projects on this subject.

Network and collaboration
Improving the availability of Jordanian Sign Language interpreters is not easy to achieve. It is mainly done by people in Jordan. The Carpenter’s Son Foundation contributes by connecting to their network and by seeking collaboration with other parties to take steps forward. That is why we visited the Higher Council for the Rights of People with Disabilities (HCD) in Jordan in 2021 to get acquainted. During this visit, approval has been given to support our activities.

Collaboration with Jordan Sign Language Teacher
Being part of our network, we got acquainted with the Deaf Sign Language teacher Ahlam. She has finished her work at the School for the Deaf in the city of Salt, Jordan. Now she wants to dedicate herself to improving the level of Jordanian Sign Language interpreters. Ahlam wants to do this in collaboration with The Carpenter’s Son Foundation. In the coming period, Ahlam will visit the Netherlands to meet teachers from the officially recognized 4-year sign language interpreter education in the Netherlands. She also wants to learn from the curriculum. Sign Language education has not yet progressed that far in Jordan. Contact has been established with Dutch authorities and experts who want to think along with setting up the interpreter training in Jordan. These are all preparations for the future.

Support this project

The project budget until the end of 2023 is 26,300 euros. For example  expense allowance for Ahlam and, in the long run, also for a project employee. In addition, we take into account (international) travel and accommodation costs, the hiring of interpreters for Dutch and Jordanian Sign Language and material costs such as a laptop, camera and licenses.


Your gift is very important. If you want to contribute, please transfer a gift to account number NL 91 ABNA 084 680 7564 in the name of The Carpenter’s Son Foundation with reference to ‘sign language interpreter’.


bestuur met ahlam

The Carpenter’s Son Foundation board members with Jordan Sign Language Teacher Ahlam in the middle.

In the coming years, Ahlam will work on the Jordanian Sign Language Interpreter Availability project.

With your help: