Online memorial Brother Andrew

‘A Sign from Above’. Under this heading we commemorated Brother Andrew during an online gathering on Saturday, November 28 through a YouTube live stream. This stream includes memories from Brother Andrew’s family, friends and acquaintances, together with film footage, music and prayers. We give a glimpse into his exceptional life as ‘errand boy of God’ and ‘Jesus bearer’. In addition, we look forward to how His message will continue.

Memorial book

Such a footprint in people’s lives!

He was an amazing man and left a tremendous legacy here in Jordan. He had such a footprint in people’s… Read more “Such a footprint in people’s lives!”

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Some videos of the memorial

Photo slideshow Brother Andrew

This video shows a photo slideshow of people that could take shelter at Brother Andrew. The music is one of Andrew’s favorite songs where he could take shelter himself. It is a Dutch song by Benny Neijman.

First prayer of the memorial

This is the first prayer that was used during the Brother Andrew Memorial. The prayer is pronounced by Bishop Riah abu el-Assal from Israël. It is translated into sign language by Rasha (a student from the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf) in Jordan sign language, and Lilly (Andrew’s sister in law) in International Sign Language.

HRH Prince Mired of Jordan

His Royal Highness Prince Mired of Jordan had a dear friendship with Brother Andrew. In this video he expresses his condoleances and tells about the great cooperation he had with Brother Andrew.

Deaf-blind Mohammed from Jordan

The deaf-blind Mohammed has been educated by the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf to communicate with his environment. He can even explain how he feels about Brother Andrew’s passing. His signs are translated by his mother.

Aline and Matthew from the UK

Matthew and Aline have worked together with Brother Andrew. In this video they tell about their serious, funny and awkward moments with him.

Bishop Riah Abu El Assal from Israël

In this contribution, Bishop Ryah tells about his friendship with and visits to Brother Andrew in Jordan.


Keeping his ideas alive?
Do you also want to send in a video message in memory of Brother Andrew and keep his ideas alive?