God spoke in the beginning and still speaks out. Thus, the book ‘God’s Sign language’ wants to tell something about the life and work of Brother Andrew de Carpentier, called by the Almighty and follower of Jesus the Messiah, the Christ. After 50 years of living and working as a priest and monk, as a father and brother in the Middle East, this booklet articulates what cannot be said and depicts what cannot be seen.

Rediscover Biblical figures, painted by Brother Andrew’s twin brother Roger, with insights and vistas from Andrew’s life in Jordan and the Middle East, the land in which Jesus himself walked. Prophets spoke words of life and the Holy Spirit descended on the Lamb of God at the Jordan in the form of a dove. Words rang out, “This is my Beloved Son, in him I find joy.” He is “The living Word of God” – as also written in the Quran. Because that is the message of the Holy Land.

Indeed, the Middle East seems to be almost synonymous with “conflict”, including conflicts between Christians, Muslims and Jews. But should that be the case?! It is precisely about this that Brother Andrew shares with us his surprising insights – from God’s friendship with Abraham. How far does the blessing of Abraham reach? What special role did Hagar play? And what about our thinking… and God’s?

Andrew’s words challenge you to do. That is why he himself worked passionately on innovative ways to provide hearing aids to everyone who needs it worldwide – with the poor coming first. He was looking for technical possibilities to allow several deafblind people to communicate with each other at the same time. He also wanted to invest in better training and greater availability of Sign language interpreters. In addition, he supported the production and modification of artificial limbs. You can read about that in the book too.

Cover Boek Gebaren van God

“His words made a deep impression on me. The Bible comes to life!”

Co-author René Kolsters


schilderij van Roger de Carpentier over Naomi en Ruth


In the story ‘Crossing Bethany’ Brother Andrew gets into a conversation with someone who has strange dreams: “I think that the Lord Jesus the Messiah, Son of Mary, Peace be upon him, would very much want to get to know you and would really appreciate visiting you.”

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donkey with cross sign


In the story ‘Christmas’, Brother Andrew portrays Christmas from a Middle Eastern context. “In the living room of your house, among your family, in your everyday lives, in our hearts is where he wishes to be born today!”

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homecoming painting

Peace be with you

In the story ‘Peace be upon you’ Brother Andrew wrote about his own pilgrimage. “Sometimes I think that I am getting on in my pilgrimage and ‘home’ is in sight.”

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Brother Andrew: 'Be the message'

Brother Andrew gives a passionate talk on ‘Faith and Society’ at the 2013 COEXIST event in Amman, Jordan. His key point: ‘Be the message!’. The Youth Association for Reality & Awareness (Y.A.R.A.) aims to make the world a better place to live.

Memorial Brother Andrew​

“A Sign from Above”. Under this heading we want to commemorate Brother Andrew during an online gathering on Saturday, November 28. The commemoration in English takes place from 20:15h – 22:00h (UK time) via YouTube live stream.


foto dirk frans

Advice and guidance by development expert Dirk R Frans

We are extremely grateful that we will receive advice and guidance from development expert Dirk R Frans. He works as a consultant for non-profit organizations working in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. He lives in The Netherlands in Dordrecht and has also met Brother Andrew himself.

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Annual report 2020: an impressive year

Thanks to your support, the foundation has been able to make a valuable contribution to various projects and activities in 2020. At the same time 2020 marks the year in which our source of inspiration, Brother Andrew, died as a result of a construction accident. He has helped thousands with life, hope and direction. Brother Andrew’s legacy is immense.

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