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The Carpenter’s Son Foundation was mainly established to make the ideas of Brother Andrew (the Carpentier) available to a wider audience. The foundation creates (multimedia) publications on various subjects that were so dear to him. Because word and deed are inextricably linked, the foundation also wants to support projects that affect our assignment. The first publication is the Dutch book “Gebaren van God”.

Sign from Above
50 years ago Jesus Christ inspired Brother Andrew. The name Carpenter’s Son thus primarily refers to Jesus Christ, who as a carpenter’s son was so familiar with the wooden cross and may be seen as the ultimate Sign from Above. Second, the name refers to the results of Brother Andrew’s work, his “legacy”, with which the foundation wants to continue.

The publications also pay attention to strengthening the position of the Deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind and persons with physical disabilities, especially in the Middle East. Jesus’ attention was likewise primarily focused on those in need of help. The publications are also intended to connect Christians and Muslims. The unhealthy and deteriorating relationship between these two religious groups was a major motivation for Brother Andrew to speak about this, especially in the West. His knowledge of the Arab Islamic world and personal experiences also provide unique insights. Once again the person of Jesus Christ – in the Quran also an important prophet – is the connecting factor.

broeder andrew

50 years ago Jesus Christ inspired Brother Andrew