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Summer camp for the Deaf

In more and more countries, hearing impaired people can take part in society, because many facilities and rules are in place to support them. You can e.g. think of the right to have a Sign Language interpreter. In a country like Jordan, that is a whole different story. 

When someone suffers from hearing loss, you will soon miss out on several aspects of daily life. Even going to church becomes a challenge. Churches in Jordan actively organise activities for their members. Unfortunately, because of the shortage of Jordanian Sign Language interpreters, Deaf people cannot join. In 2010, The Peace Dove for the Deaf organisation started a summer camp for the Deaf for exactly that reason. And that appeared to be a spot on decision.

Search for answers

Sahel, director at Peace Dove for the Deaf, is Deaf himself. He told us:  “As a Christian, you seek answers to certain questions. But who can you ask when you are Deaf? Reading a Bible story can be quite difficult (because Sign Language grammar differs – ed.). That’s why we publish Bible stories in Jordanian Sign Language. During the summer camps, the Bible stories come to life and we take time for the questions the attendees have.”

Strengthen your faith

Every year, a Biblical theme plays a central role during the camp. Deaf people from all ages come together for three to four days. Through sports, games and education, the attendees can strengthen their Christian faith. The attendees discover that the Bible can support them in their lives. Sahel: “The most important aspect is to learn with each other about Jesus, God and Christian life, but other themes like “love for each other” and “ being loved by God” also play a role.” 

How Firas got to know Jesus

During previous summer camps, God has changed many people and has touched many hearts. One of the previous attendants was Firas. Sahel: “Firas was actively visiting our weekly gatherings. He was a shy and calm boy. He is a Christian, but did not have a lot of knowledge about God, until he joined the summer camp. He really got involved with other people, started asking questions and sang along with our songs. Now he believes in God, knows Jesus and he knows how much God loves him.”

60 to 75 attendees

In the past two years, the summer camps could not continue due to Covid-19. Peace Dove hopes to organise the next camp in 2022. Sahel: “When we started the summer camp in 2010, this was the only summer camp for the Deaf in the entire Middle East. This year, we hope to welcome people from Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon. We aim for 60 to 75 attendees.”

Support the summer camp

For a summer camp like this, the organisation depends on donations. A lot of money is needed for the activities, hosting, lodging, food and drinks. This year support is even more welcome: due to Covid-19 many people lost their jobs and companies. They are not able to donate this year. 

We aim for a total amount of € 5.000,- of donations for this summer camp. Your gift is very important. You can donate your gift at the Dutch bank account NL 91 ABNA 084 680 7564 attn. Stichting The Carpenter’s Son, please mention ‘summer camp’. Or visit for a PayPal donation.


deelnemers zomerkamp 2022

Summer camp in Jordan: “I have seen growth”

“Hello everyone, my name is Sahel, and I’m from Jordan. I work here at the Peace Dove for the Deaf. I want to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported us with regard to the camp for the Deaf. Your support has been very important to the camp.”

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