Annual Report

The financial year 2021 was different from to 2020. Less donations were received than in 2020, but also less of the donations was spent because the projects have virtually come to a standstill. The foundation ended positively on the balance sheet, despite the trip to Jordan that was made to investigate the viability of the projects. The current financial buffer will allow for new projects to start up quickly in 2022.

The total amount of donations in 2021 was € 10.427,-. Generic donations have been divided into gifts from private gifts, churches, enterprises and foundations. 

The expenses in 2021 totaled up to € 5.545,-. The majority of the expenses has been spent on our trip to Jordan and on hiring external advice about the foundation’s future. 

The total amount of donations minus the total expenses has been added to the result. This is a positive result of € 4.882,- for the foundation in 2021. This positive result is added to the reserve and is intended for the expected projects in 2022.

– The Carpenter’s Son Foundation has ANBI-status. This means (for EU citizens) that your donations may be eligible for tax deduction. Please take care of the applicable financial threshold.

– In case you are a non-EU citizen, please contact The Carpenter’s Son foundation to discuss the procedure for donating.

– Nex to sponsorship or one-off donations , there is also the possibility to donate periodically. With a periodic gift, you conclude an agreement with The Carpenter’s Son Foundation for 5 years, with a predetermined annual amount. Your advantage is that your donation is fully deductible from your tax return (you no longer have to apply for a threshold) and the foundation can count on your support for that entire period.

The total amount of donations 2021 was €10.427,-.