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Improving availability of
Jordanian Sign Language Interpreters

The book: 

“God’s Sign Language”


We stand on the shoulders of giants

Recently I spoke with Jameel, an Egyptian who worked for many years with Brother Andrew in Salt. He soon said: ‘I really miss him’. And I responded with the phrase I still hear often when talking about Brother Andrew: ‘I still miss him too.’ Today he would have been 75 years old. It’s been almost four years since he passed away…

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photo of the group at the wind mill

Final report exchange 2024

The 5 Deaf and 3 hearing representatives from the Jordanian Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities are safely back in Jordan. They completed the intensive 8-days program with visits to schools and organisations for deaf education and interpreter training.

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afbeelding cousins


In the story ‘Christmas’, Brother Andrew portrays Christmas from a Middle Eastern context. “In the living room of your house, among your family, in your everyday lives, in our hearts is where he wishes to be born today!”

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schilderij amazing grace van roger de carpentier

God’s Sign language!

The story below ‘God’s sign language’ is one of the many stories from the book ‘God’s Sign language’. The book is currently published in Dutch.

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schilderij van Roger de Carpentier over Naomi en Ruth


In the story ‘Crossing Bethany’ Brother Andrew gets into a conversation with someone who has strange dreams: “I think that the Lord Jesus the Messiah, Son of Mary, Peace be upon him, would very much want to get to know you and would really appreciate visiting you.”

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