Brother Andrew passed away

profielfoto Broeder Andrew

Dear all, Deeply saddened, we announce that Brother Andrew died on Thursday, October 1 at the age of 71, as a result of an accident during his construction work. Together with his assistant Majd, he fell through an old balcony and died shortly afterwards. Majd was taken to the hospital seriously injured. Our thoughts go […]

How is Brother Andrew doing during Corona crisis?

foto br. andrew mondkapje

“When last time I was in Europe and Holland we may have met, but that seems ages ago. Too much has happened in-between and meanwhile the world appears to have turned into a stage for great drama and tragedies, but conversely also great generosity and kindness. Here in Salt we are working on our new […]

The ‘priest with the apron’: restoring buildings as well as broken lives

A few years ago (November 2017) Brother Andrew (A.L. de Carpentier) retired as Executive Director of the Holy Land Institute for Deaf and Deafblind Children in Salt – Jordan, a position he held from May 1977. Most of his working life, now some 50 years, he spent in the Middle East.  Before that he studied […]