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To become quiet

The Carpenters’ Son Foundation board members Fred Doeze Jager and René Kolsters, together with his son Thomas, travelled to Jordan at the end of June 2021 to meet people from the foundation’s network, and to make an inventory of potential projects. Below you will find the fourth part of their travel report:

Today we met Ramadan, who has worked together with Brother Andrew for 25 years. For the greater part of this period, Ramadan worked at the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf. For the last couple of years, he worked as a construction contractor in Brother Andrew’s building renovation projects. 

He showed us Brother Andrew’s latest building renovation project, for which Ramadan is now working as main contractor. It was impressive to experience what he is capable of, even without the support of his friend and engineer.

Thomas gets an explanation from Ramadan how the pillars are made.

To become quiet

Ramadan took us to Brother Andrew’s grave at our request, near the Anglican church in Salt. That was a place to become quiet…

The grave of Brother Andrew

Beautiful flowers were planted by the person maintaining the location, making it look like a lively place. But still, the moment was hard to overcome. That unreal silence called even more for continuation of the work that Brother Andrew has set in motion.

And that is exactly why we travelled to Jordan: to search for people that are inspired by Brother Andrew. People who have been trained and prepared by him to continue his work.”

foto graf van Andrew

“That is exactly why we travelled to Jordan”