afbeelding cousins

In the story ‘Christmas’, Brother Andrew portrays Christmas from a Middle Eastern context. “In the living room of your house, among your family, in your everyday lives, in our hearts is where he wishes to be born today!”

God’s Sign language!

schilderij amazing grace van roger de carpentier

The story below ‘God’s sign language’ is one of the many stories from the book ‘God’s Sign language’. The book is currently published in Dutch. We hope to also publish it in English if we receive financial support for this. Read the story God’s Sign Language in this blog The heavens declare the glory of […]


schilderij van Roger de Carpentier over Naomi en Ruth

In the story ‘Crossing Bethany’ Brother Andrew gets into a conversation with someone who has strange dreams: “I think that the Lord Jesus the Messiah, Son of Mary, Peace be upon him, would very much want to get to know you and would really appreciate visiting you.”

Peace be with you

homecoming painting

In the story ‘Peace be upon you’ Brother Andrew wrote about his own pilgrimage. “Sometimes I think that I am getting on in my pilgrimage and ‘home’ is in sight.”