‘A Sign from Above’. Under this heading we want to commemorate Brother Andrew during an online gathering on Saturday, November 28. The English memorial will take place from 20.15 untill 22:00 UK time through a YouTube live stream. This stream will show memories from Brother Andrew’s family, friends and acquintances, together with film footage, music and prayer. We give a glimpse into his exceptional life as ‘errand boy of God’ and ‘Jesus bearer’. In addition, we look forward to how His message will proceed.

LIVESTREAM: with International Sign Language Interpreter (IS)
Brother Andrew has worked throughout his life, especially for the Deaf, all over the world. That is why the livestream will be hosted with an International Sign Language Interpreter. Visit this page to find links to:

Please press the “Subscribe” button at the YouTube channel if you want to join the memorial.

The memorial service has been organized by The Carpenter’s Son Foundation, that wants to ensure that Brother Andrews ideas and words continue.