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Start doing like him

The Carpenters’ Son Foundation board members Fred Doeze Jager and René Kolsters, together with his son Thomas, travelled to Jordan at the end of June 2021 to meet people from the foundation’s network, and to make an inventory of potential projects. Below you will find the ninth and final part of their travel report:

“Once I (René) was with photojournalist Guido Dingemans near the Dead Sea in Jordan to capture Brother Andrew’s work. He took a photo when Brother Andrew was just pointing towards Jerusalem. In the distance you can see a very small cross on the hill. This iconic photo summarizes his life in one image: A ‘sign’ to the cross.

broeder andrew wijst naar het kruis
Archive photo: Brother Andrew Pointing to Jerusalem

During our board trip, the three of us made this ‘sign’ again near the Dead Sea, also pointing in the same direction.

Just like Brother Andrew did; René, Fred and Thomas point to Jerusalem

In the past few weeks, we followed his footsteps to the people in whom we could recognize his ‘spirit’. Now we need direction to make the right choices for the continuation of the work. What is future-proof and what is needed at this very moment? How can we point out the best way to continue Brother Andrew’s work? Let’s just start doing like him: point towards the cross…

Will you mention us in your prayers?

net als BA wijzend

“We need direction to make the right choices for the continuation of the work”