“Continue with your beautiful work!”

Since March 2021, along with an external advisor and development expert Dirk R Frans, we have been exploring the future of The Carpenter’s Son Foundation. And we have some good news!

As an independent expert, we asked Dirk to serve as a crucial sounding board. Although the board has always been convinced that it is possible to continue the work and vision of Brother Andrew, it is precisely at this stage that it is important to consider all options, even if that means closing the foundation. Dirk was clear that “If the project work in Jordan is not continued, then you have to ask yourself whether the foundation still has a right to exist in its current form”. Dirk insisted that we should visit our network, despite corona, so that we could see with our own eyes which projects are viable.

“This is what I hoped for”
In July two board members traveled to Jordan. And in August we comprehensively reviewed our trip reports with Dirk. “This is exactly what I hoped that would come out of this trip,” Dirk said during the meeting. The trip gave us a good overview of projects that fit with the foundation’s vision and that these projects need support.

Summer Camp for the Deaf
For example, this week we promised to donate 2,500 Euros to The Peace Dove for the Deaf. This organization, run by a former student of Brother Andrew, translates the Bible into Sign Language. They receive funding for the translation work, but they also organize summer camps for the Deaf, and those camps require funding. We are happy to help make these camps a reality! In the near future we will share more information about this project with you.

Training Sign Language Interpreters
A long-cherished desire of Brother Andrew was to increase the number and quality of Sign Language Interpreters in Jordan and the Middle East. There was already a link with the Jordanian “Higher Council for the Rights of People with Disabilities”. During the visit to Jordan, we met with the Dutch Embassy to deepen the relationship now that Sign Language is officially recognized in the Netherlands and the embassy may need training assistance. As a foundation, we will familiarize ourselves with this project in 2022. More information about this will follow at the end of the year.

Finalize and initiate
The ties with our local partners in Jordan have been strengthened. The partners whose projects we do not yet support know where to find us. Some partners have finite short-term projects that are pending our support. We will keep an eye on these initiatives and also try to finish these smaller projects that Brother Andrew started. With a one-time small grant, these projects will meet the objectives and close.

“Continue with your beautiful work rooted in the Middle East”. Dirk wrote after the meeting. That’s how it feels. We are strengthened with this journey and Dirk’s guidance to continue our work. And above all, we know that we are rooted in that inspiring Son of a carpenter: The Carpenter’s Son!

Thank you for your support, involvement and appreciation.

Grace and blessings,

Ronald, Fred, Tom, Nellie and René


“This is what I hoped for”