This publication is a translation of the Dutch article. But please mind that an English version of the Tactile Dictionary is under development.

The Carpenter’s Son foundation is pleased to mention that it will be supporting a new project: the publication of the tactile dictionary for the deafblind.

Is it possible to create a dictionary for the deafblind? Yes it is, and it is called the tactile dictionary. This dictionary is meant for teachers and trainers working with deafblind people, but also for people that are facing a deafblind family member.

Brother Andrew de Carpentier: “It is shocking for parents to discover that their child is deafblind. Often they are desperate for ways to communicate with their child, especially when the medical world gives up hope of improvement. But communication is so very difficult. The tactile dictionary should ensure that parents have a handle in learning to communicate with their child ”.


Deafblind children can develop communication skills with some help. They use their own hands and the hands of the person they want to communicate with. The teacher’s, parent’s or family member’s hands are marked in black in the dictionary. The other hand, that of the deafblind child, is lighter in the dictionary.


The tactile gestures (gestures that can be felt) originate from the sign language of the local deaf community. Tactile gestures are aimed at communicating with a deafblind person without using written language. Consider the use of physical forms (such as grabbing a toilet roll when you are toilet training the child). But also using other senses, such as smell, flavor and light contrast. Step by step the tactile dictionary can be used to teach the child.

Brother Andrew: “Nothing is more important than communication and understanding your child, what he / she says or wants. And at the same time as a parent to discover what your child feels and thereby make clear what you feel and think. Let this dictionary contribute to that!

Make a donation

The Carpenter’s Son foundation hopes to contribute at least 3000 euros to the printing of this dictionary. A total of 1000 copies are printed. Contribute to this unique dictionary and make a donation to NL91 ABNA 0846 807 564 addressed to The Carpenter’s Son foundation quoting “ dictionary “.