The Dutch foundation The Carpenter’s Son aims to strengthen the position of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deafblind and physically disabled persons, especially in the Middle East. In addition to that, the foundation strives to connect Christians and Muslims.
The Carpenter’s Son
The name of the foundation The Carpenter’s Son refers primarily to Jesus Christ, who as a carpenter’s son was so familiar with the wooden cross. Jesus Christ inspired Brother Andrew de Carpentier 50 years ago. Secondly, the name refers to the organizations he has started and which he considers to be his ‘children’.

Brother Andrew de Carpentier
Arie de Carpentier, born in Dordrecht, has been the director of the HLID (Holy Land Institute for Deaf and Deafblind Children) school in Salt, Jordan for 40 years. As an Anglican priest, he has been able to help thousands (deaf, deafblind, and otherwise disabled) children and adults in the Middle East. At the end of 2017 he retired, which means that as a consultant he can now use his knowledge through various foundations and continue to help people, both practically and spiritually.

The Carpenter’s Son publishes content and organizes meetings to share the knowledge and insights of Brother Andrew de Carpentier as widely as possible. The foundation also supports the establishment of the Center for Rehabilitation Technology in Jordan.

The foundation document was signed at the notary on Thursday 17 January 2019.


broeder andrew

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