Inclusive education, Deaf History and more

The last school we visited was Kentalis Compas College Zaltbommel, a secondary school for deaf and hard of hearing. A Deaf employee prepared an interesting program. They recently put their new building into use, designed for Sign Language communication, with open views, but also using low-disturbing-noise designs for hard of hearing.

Students learn together with hearing students of two other regular schools nearby; the so-called ‘inclusive education’. With the use of interpreters they can develop skills together and Dutch Sign Language is being promoted.

The group received information on Deaf history, the history of the school and even on the use of interpreters. The exchange group also gave a presentation to the students about Deaf education in Jordan. It is absolutely beautiful to see how much effort the schools we visited put into the Jordanian group. They provided coffee, tea, lunches, tours, lessons, presentations, et cetera. We are so grateful for these opportunities!
day 8 at Compass college
day 8 at Compass college

“We are so grateful for these opportunities!”