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Saturday, November 28: Online memorial Brother Andrew

‘A Sign from Above’: an online gathering about Brother Andrew’s life and legacy ‘A Sign from Above’. Under this heading we want to commemorate Brother Andrew during an online gathering on Saturday, November 28. We […]

Brother Andrew passed away

Dear all, Deeply saddened, we announce that Brother Andrew died on Thursday, October 1 at the age of 71, as a result of an accident during his construction work. Together with his assistant Majd, he […]

Tactile dictionary connects parents and deafblind child

This publication is a translation of the Dutch article. But please mind that an English version of the Tactile Dictionary is under development. The Carpenter’s Son foundation is pleased to mention that it will be […]

How is Brother Andrew doing during Corona crisis?

“When last time I was in Europe and Holland we may have met, but that seems ages ago. Too much has happened in-between and meanwhile the world appears to have turned into a stage for […]

Preliminary investigation deaf-blind app

In 2019, the book “The Tactile Dictionary” was released. This book aims to help parents, family and caregivers of deafblind people to communicate with them. The book describes various forms of tactile gestures for the […]

The ‘priest with the apron’: restoring buildings as well as broken lives

A few years ago (November 2017) Brother Andrew (A.L. de Carpentier) retired as Executive Director of the Holy Land Institute for Deaf and Deafblind Children in Salt – Jordan, a position he held from May […]