Board trip to Jordan

In the end of June The Carpenter’s Son Foundation will travel to Jordan. She takes the time to meet with organizations and individuals involved in the work Brother Andrew has initiated.

Advice and guidance by development expert Dirk R Frans

foto dirk frans

We are extremely grateful that we will receive advice and guidance from development expert Dirk R Frans. He works as a consultant for non-profit organizations working in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. He lives in The Netherlands in Dordrecht and has also met Brother Andrew himself.

Annual report 2020: an impressive year

Thanks to your support, the foundation has been able to make a valuable contribution to various projects and activities in 2020. At the same time 2020 marks the year in which our source of inspiration, Brother Andrew, died as a result of a construction accident. He has helped thousands with life, hope and direction. Brother Andrew’s legacy is immense.

Tactile dictionary connects parents and deafblind child

cover tactiel woordenboek

This publication is a translation of the Dutch article. But please mind that an English version of the Tactile Dictionary is under development. The Carpenter’s Son foundation is pleased to mention that it will be supporting a new project: the publication of the tactile dictionary for the deafblind. Is it possible to create a dictionary […]