Saturday, November 28: Online memorial Brother Andrew

‘A Sign from Above’. Under this heading we commemorated Brother Andrew during an online gathering on Saturday, November 28 through a YouTube live stream. This stream includes memories from Brother Andrew’s family, friends and acquaintances, together with film footage, music and prayers. We give a glimpse into his exceptional life as ‘errand boy of God’ and ‘Jesus bearer’. In addition, we look forward to how His message will continue.

Livestream: with International Sign Language Interpreters (IS)
Brother Andrew has worked throughout his life, especially for the Deaf, all over the world. That is why the livestream is hosted with International Sign Language Interpreters. 

lissa seviar

Lissa Zeviar

International Sign Language Interpreter

Gerdinand tolk

Gerdinand Wagenaar

International Sign Language Interpreter

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The memorial service has been organized by The Carpenter’s Son Foundation, which wants to ensure that Brother Andrews ideas and words continue.

broeder andrew

“Brother Andrew had an exceptional life as ‘errand boy of God’ and ‘Jesus bearer’”


afbeelding cousins


In the story ‘Christmas’, Brother Andrew portrays Christmas from a Middle Eastern context. “In the living room of your house, among your family, in your everyday lives, in our hearts is where he wishes to be born today!”

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schilderij amazing grace van roger de carpentier

God’s Sign language!

The story below ‘God’s sign language’ is one of the many stories from the book ‘God’s Sign language’. The book is currently published in Dutch.

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schilderij van Roger de Carpentier over Naomi en Ruth


In the story ‘Crossing Bethany’ Brother Andrew gets into a conversation with someone who has strange dreams: “I think that the Lord Jesus the Messiah, Son of Mary, Peace be upon him, would very much want to get to know you and would really appreciate visiting you.”

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Brother Andrew: 'Be the message'

Brother Andrew gives a passionate talk on ‘Faith and Society’ at the 2013 COEXIST event in Amman, Jordan. His key point: ‘Be the message!’. The Youth Association for Reality & Awareness (Y.A.R.A.) aims to make the world a better place to live.

Memorial Brother Andrew​

“A Sign from Above”. Under this heading we want to commemorate Brother Andrew during an online gathering on Saturday, November 28. The commemoration in English takes place from 20:15h – 22:00h (UK time) via YouTube live stream.


photo of the group at the wind mill

Final report exchange 2024

The 5 Deaf and 3 hearing representatives from the Jordanian Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities are safely back in Jordan. They completed the intensive 8-days program with visits to schools and organisations for deaf education and interpreter training.

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