Project Sign Language Interpreters: “We start small”

How do you start a complex project, such as training Jordanian Sign Language interpreters in Jordan? Our answer? Small and local! Jordanian Deaf Sign Language specialist Ahlam asked us last year if we could work together to improve the level of Jordanian Sign Language interpreters. Of course this also includes good Sign Language training material.

Last summer Ahlam spent almost a month in the Netherlands to gain knowledge of Dutch organizations for the Deaf. She also attended the four-year Dutch Sign Language Interpreter education for a few days. And she is now receiving support from Bernadet (hearing), also from the Netherlands. She is a specialist in Jordanian Sign Language and has extensive project experience abroad. She has also worked for many years in the school where Ahlam also worked until recently.

In September Bernadet spent a week in Jordan taking small concrete steps together with Ahlam. For example, Ahlam has started recording the first 20 signs, which are immediately available online and can also serve as teaching material. The goal is to publish more than 5000 signs. We want to present this concept to the Jordanian Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, so that we can take the next steps together, with broad political and social support.


Ahlam maakt gebaren in studio
Ahlam recording the first signs

Ahlam and Bernadet have also held several talks with representatives of Jordanian organizations that are also strengthening the position of the Deaf in Jordan. For us that means: searching for cooperation! This is a years-long process. But we have already taken great steps, made possible because of your support. Thank you for that!

Ahlam en Bernadet aan het werk
Ahlam and Bernadet working together.
Ahlam maakt gebaren in studio

“We start small.”