Summer camp in Jordan: “I have seen growth”

“Hello everyone, my name is Sahel, and I’m from Jordan. I work here at the Peace Dove for the Deaf. I want to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported us with regard to the camp for the Deaf. Your support has been very important to the camp.”

With these words, Sahel, director of the Peace Dove for the Deaf, begins the thank-you video for supporting their summer camp that took place in July. This Jordanian organization arranged a four-day camp for 42 adults and 8 children. With the support of churches and private donations, The Carpenter’s Son Foundation was able to transfer no less than 5,500 euros to make this project possible.

Sahel says: “The camp was wonderful. There were not only people from Jordan, but also from Lebanon, Palestinian territories, Syria, Belgium and America. It was really beautiful. I’ve seen real growth. Many of the people were at camp for the first time. They were all so excited. There were two persons who knew Jesus, but knew little else. I told them about John the Baptist and Isaiah. I was able to connect these biblical stories to their personal lives. Next year they want to come along and be baptized.”

deelnemers zomerkamp 2022
Summer camp participants 2022.
samen werken in spelvorm
There was plenty of time for meetings and games.

But why is a camp like this important? Because that’s where these Deaf people learn about the gospel! And they can meet with each other. The camps have been held since 2010, but have been canceled in recent years due to corona. So this edition was extra special. The expected local financial contribution was much less than anticipated and the costs were even higher. Thanks to the support of the donors of The Carpenter’s Son, it was possible this year.

New seeds were planted that may lead to further flowering next year. The plan is to organize the summer camp in Egypt in 2023, because many Deaf people wanted to come from there, but couldn’t go to Jordan. It’s easier the other way around.

Sahel: “I hope you will support us again. God Bless and thank you very much.”

deelnemers zomerkamp 2022

“I have seen growth.”